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DM Armada

Gameplay, news, reviews, and openings!

DM Armada produces amazing high-quality content across a number of games and gaming products. Follow his Youtube channel today.

We especially value the content he produces for Flesh and Blood. Watch the Flesh and Blood playlist and subscribe to DM Armada’s Youtube channel!

Check out DM Armada’s social links below.

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Karol Ruszkiewicz

Brute Tragic

Karol has been part of the gaming community for many years, and is looking forward to conquering all who stand before him in Flesh and Blood.

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Jasin Long

Top 8 in Every Calling Played

Jasin likes to engineer the best outcome, and does research to make sure that he has the best chances of success in every endeavor.

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Isaac Olssen

The Original Winner of The Calling

Isaac is a master tactician, who performs in depth analysis, scrutinises choices of both his own and his opponents to make the optimal decision in ALL scenarios.

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Logan Bolam

Occasional Winner

Logan Bolam has been playing cards, board games, and participating in the community for many years.