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Dolphin League Finals Series

The Dolphin League was a fun event co-hosted with Card Merchant and designed to bring player a unique gaming experience, as we slowly began to return to normality and resume playing again in person.

The series was set with the theme that each week the meta-game would change, and we used the rule that the hero that wins each week would be banned from future weeks. This is like a mini version of the Official FAB TCG Roll of Honor

Over the weeks, players battled it out with their favourite heroes; some came back week in and week out, eager to secure their place in the Dolphin League Finals Series.

Check out the list our champions used below. Decklists used in the Finals Series will be posted after Sun-21-JUN once the Finals is complete.

Watch the Finals Series Live

Watch the Dolphin League Finals Series live on Twitch!

The following matches are upcoming on the schedule:

  • FINALS: Sasha Markovic (Katsu) v. Jason Thomson (Dorinthea)
    • 5pm Sun-21-JUN, Australian Daylight Time
    • 7pm Sun-21-JUN, New Zealand Daylight Time
    • 12am Sun-12-JUN, Pacific Daylight Time
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Winning Decklists

The Winning Lists for each Dolphin League Heat

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