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Retrospectives: The Calling Auckland 2020

Thanks to the excellent Legend Story Studios team, we already have an insight into our Top 8 competitors from The Calling Auckland, Feb 2020.

We spoke to the Top 4 players, and held a retrospective on their experience at the big dance.


  • 1st, Sasha Markovic
  • 2nd, Kieran McEntergart
  • 3rd, Nick Butcher
  • 4th, Luke Fletcher

On top of that, we spoke to some other players who had high hopes but didn’t make it to the medal ceremony.


  • Previous The Calling Auckland winner, Isaac Olssen
  • People’s Choice, and Guardian Legend, Cayle McCreath
  • Mr Just Missed Out in 9th, David Spencer
  • Road to Auckland Champ, Matt Rogers

Of course, we left the best to last – with thoughts from the man who started it all – the creator and big chief of Flesh and Blood: James White

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