$1,000 Event – Finalists Decklists – Metrix Daily

$1,000 Event – Finalists Decklists

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Congratulations to all 8 of our mighty heroes, who used their brains and endurance to top all other comers during the week. The meta game was a strong showing by Dash and Katsu – although one could say this was Dorinthea’s week, with the Warrior champion playing in the finals of both this $1,000 event weekend and the Metrix Daily League. There’s still plenty of room for the metagame to grow and evolve yet.

Top 8 Breakdown

  • Dash
  • Dorinthea
  • Bravo
  • Katsu
  • Rhinar

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$1,000 Event Weekend

The Top 8 lists for the $1,000 Event Weekend

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