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The Dolphin League

Time to flip cards

Card Merchant and Metrix Daily have teamed up once again to bring you another amazing event. With the Metrix Daily League and other events having wrapped up, awarding over $4,000 worth of prizes, it’s time for players to sink or swim – we will find out which hero is the champion of Rathe.

In partnership with Legend Story Studio, we bring you The Dolphin League, where at least one dolphin is going to swim away adopted by one of the players!

This unique event will feature eight heats, ending with a grand battle in the Finals Series, where one hero from each clan in Rathe will fight it out to be The Dolphin League Grand Champion.


Starting from Tuesday the 12th of May (7pm NZ time), we will kick off a heat every 4 days. These are open entry events, with 3 Swiss rounds leading to a playoff to determine who goes through to the Finals Series.

  • If we have 16 or fewer players, there will be a Top 2 cut
  • If we have over 16 players, there will be a Top 4 cut

After each heat, heroes that have won previously will be banned from future heats. This means that by the time we reach the final heat, we’ll be looking at an all-out Ranger brawl (sorry Mani).

Players who have won a heat are welcome to join additional heats. If they win further heats, their invite will pass down to the next eligible player.


  • 10 booster packs added for every 6 players; an average of 1.7 packs per player
  • Half the prize pool goes to the top finishers in each heat; half distributed in the top 8 of  the Finals Series
  • Foil Adult Hero for each heat winner


  • Heat 1 – from 7pm (NZ time) Tue 12th of May
  • Heat 2 – from 7pm (NZ time) Sat 16th of May
  • Heat 3 – from 7pm (NZ time) Wed 20th of May
  • Heat 4 – from 7pm (NZ time) Sun 24th of May
  • Heat 5 – from 7pm (NZ time) Thu 28th of May
  • Heat 6 – from 7pm (NZ time) Mon 1st of June
  • Heat 7 – from 7pm (NZ time) Fri 5th of June
  • Heat 8 – from 7pm (NZ time) Tue 9th of June

Players will have 24hrs per round to complete their games and submit a result. Any players failing to report a result will be given a draw (double loss). In the event one player fails to respond to a game request, we will assess individually but this would likely result in a game loss for the non-communicating player.

Finals Series

The eight champions from each of the heats will meet in a brutal decider, and representing the hero they won their first heat with.

This will be run as a single elimination event, with every game scheduled and streamed live so we can all cheer on our favourite heroes and competitors.


  • Expected to be between 1 and 2 cases distributed to Finals Series players
    • Over 2 cases if we hit our usual numbers of 24+ players on average
  • Metrix Daily will sponsor a Dolphin of the winner’s choice in their name
    • Plus a second sponsored Dolphin of the runner-up’s choice in their name, if we hit our usual numbers of 24+ players on average


  • Quarter 1 – TBD Wed 10th of June
  • Quarter 2 – TBD Wed 10th of June
  • Quarter 3 – TBD Thu 11th of June
  • Quarter 4 – TBD Thu 11th of June
  • Semi-Final 1 – TBD Fri 12th of June
  • Semi-Final 1 – TBD Fri 12th of June
  • Grand Final – TBD Sat 13th of June

Matches will be untimed, and streamed live until their completion.

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