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Hype for Dunedin Roads!

Who will take the title?

Two Roads to Nationals are now done and dusted with Jacob Pearson and Matt Rogers winning them respectively. These two players have shown the two sides of the Dash coin, with Jacob winning his title with slow, calculated pistol hits and Matt showing how explosive Dash can be with the High Octane and Tome of Fyendal combo. 

Can anyone stop these Dash monsters? Will their close (no pun intended) rivalry show some creative ways to outdo each other? Will we see a dark horse rise from the ashes and claim the title? These are some of the questions that are really getting me excited for this event.


Location, Location, Meta, Location

With a set location comes a set meta-game. I have seen this in Auckland, where you have certain players locking into a class and working their best to fix their matchups – looking at you Cayle McCreath! This allows the player to master their class, but diminishes that element of surprise. When you have a number of top players locked in to their classes, you can assume to work on those particular matchups to get into that top 8 spot and eventually take out the title. 

The beauty of having the event on the other side of New Zealand is its own unique meta-game. I personally have no idea what players in Dunedin play and I doubt the travelling players from other cities do. This gives the locals the element of mystery. Can the Dice Jar locals surprise newcomers with some spice? 


The Dark Horses Dice Jar

Another advantage for South Islanders is the top 8 decklists from all previous roads. By looking at what these top players travelling down are playing, they can practice those particular matchups and see if they can outdo the existing top players. Hey, if their lists are so good, why not use them? I really hope to see some high class performances from the locals.


Can’t Beat them? – Join them!

If all else fails, any player turning up to the tournament can pick up either Jacob’s and Matt’s list and say hey, if they won with those lists maybe so can I! All it takes is for a player to put in some practice, work out those matchups and chip chip away with the pistols. When it comes to the mirror match, small advantages do matter, but if you get to a stage when you’re comfortable with the deck, it could be a matter of who draws their chamber first. Why wouldn’t you take that 50/50 to win the tournament? 

Teklo Plasma Pistol (Weapon)

The Spice From the Recent Masters

I do expect there to be a slight uptick of Dash players down in Dunners, simply because of how well the deck has been performing so far. I would, however, be completely surprised if Jacob and Matt maintained their lists as they currently are.  My expectations are these two  will really try and one up themselves. Will we see some next level Dash tech? Or maybe one of the two will completely change class? The mind games must be real.

These are some of the things racing through my mind as I will be awaiting the results of games from the North Island. Unfortunately I won’t be making the tournament myself.  I will, however, be commentating on the featured tables from my comfy seat in North Island, so tune in!


Here are my hopes, dreams and predictions:

  • Dash will be the most represented class in the tournament
  • Wizard will make it to top 8
  • Runeblade will make it to top 8
  • Dash will not win the Roads
  • One of the recent winners will not be playing Dash
  • One of the recent winners will make it to the finals while the other doesn’t 
  • The Golden legendary will be a Skullbone Crosswrap

Let me know how many you think I got right and catch you on the battlefield!



Karol Ruszkiewicz

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