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Flesh and Blood Anytime League

Play Flesh and Blood in Lockdown

Metrix Daily in association with Card Merchant are running two anytime leagues every week:

  • FREE Casual Event
  • $10 Competitive Event

Players are welcome to join both leagues. One ticket is required per league event.

Purchase your ticket(s) at Card Merchant and then submit your decklist at Metrix Daily (simply write out your cards, pitch value, and quantities of each) or attach a PDF list. One ticket is required per league event.

Playing in Isolation

Unlike a standard event, we can’t manage the environment you’re playing in. We ask you to remember the spirit of the game, and that we all want to get games in rather than be stuck at home gold fishing.

You need to be prepared to play using: Tabletop Simulator. If you are not able to do this, please do not join this league.

Check out the excellent guide from DM Armada, below, to playing remotely. As alternatives, and if mutually agreed, you may use a phone/webcam with real cards and video chatting with your opponent or other platforms such as Untap.

Play FAB Online!


Constructed – Arcane Rising and Welcome to Rathe

  • minimum 60 card deck
  • maximum 80 cards
  • 80 cards includes ALL cards other than your hero

Players should refer to the Arcane Rising Release Notes for any queries about specific card interactions.

A quick note on proxies: we recognise players haven’t had the usual experience to play, trade, and purchase the cards as they usually would. We are using an online tool, so there’s no restriction on the use of cards that you don’t own.

As usual, players should share what hero they are playing before the match begins – allowing each player the chance to tailor their deck and equipment for the battle.


The Metrix Daily Anytime League will be operating around NZ/AUS time zones, so if you live outside of these time zones please join being prepared to play within NZ/AUS hours.

Rounds will be announced daily at 10pm NZDT on www.metrixdaily.com and the Metrix Daily Facebook page. Players have until 8pm the following day to record the result of their rounds. We will start a chat group for recording results, either player can enter in a result, and it is best practice for that player’s opponent to thumbs up that result message.

Any results not entered by 8pm (NZDT) the day following the 10pm  (NZDT) pairing announcement will result in a double loss. Any disputes will be handled by Matt Rogers and Logan Bolam as the judges for this event, their decisions are final.


We will be running the leagues for an initial season of 6 weeks (March 29th to May 10th). Each league is its own event and has its own prizes however you can save up your prize points over multiple events to spend on vouchers, booster boxes and booster cases from www.cardmerchant.co.nz and singles from Rathe Shop.

There will be 10 available prize points added to the prize pool for every 6 players that join in the competitive league. There will be 1 prize point for every 6 players that join in the casual league.

Each prize point can be exchanged for a booster pack at any time or saved/combined with friends to reach bigger prizes from the:

Prize Wall
  • 75 Prize points – 1 Booster Case from Card Merchant
  • 20 Prize points – 1 Booster Box from Card Merchant
  • 10 Prize points – $50 voucher to spend at either Rathe Shop or Card Merchant
  • 1 Prize point – 1 Booster from Card Merchant

Card Merchant will keep a tally of all prize points owing and players are able to cash these in at any time.

Prizes will be awarded to the top half of competing players for competitive and the winner plus a couple of people at random for casual. Below is an estimated prize pool for a 32 player competitive event:

Competitive Distribution:
  • 1st – 10 Prize Tickets
  • 2nd – 6 Prize Tickets
  • 3rd/4th – 5 Prize Tickets
  • 5th-8th – 3 Prize Tickets
  • 9th-16th – 2 Prize Tickets

Additional Prizes

We will also be awarding Armory Kit prizes! Including foil weapons and playmats. These will be awarded to the top placing players and a few random winners selected from entrants to ALL of the leagues we run throughout the next 6 weeks.

  • The Top 8 point scorer from all of the events will each receive a cold foil weapon.
  • Another 8 players will be chosen at random (1 entry per event you played) to receive a cold foil weapon.
  • The Top point scorer over all of the events will also win a People’s Champion playmat; we will roll a dice in the event of a tie.
  • The community champion of this league will also win a playmat; this will be the player that best promoted to friends/taught people to use programs and altogether helped us in our quest to bring Fab to people in this time of need

All prizes will be posted at the conclusion of all leagues, and players will have until 7 days after the conclusion of all leagues to redeem any prize tickets remaining.

Cold Foil Weapons

Arcane Rising brings four beautiful new shiny cold foil weapon cards to us:

Stay tuned – we will also plan a special one off Win-a-Box event, to be run once the leagues are up and running and players are used to the format.

Above all – ENJOY; we love playing Flesh and Blood, and hope this event will present a unique way for you to get involved from the comfort of your own home.

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