Metrix Daily League Beta – Results – Metrix Daily

Metrix Daily League Beta – Results

Thanks to all our competitors

We kicked off the Metrix Daily League Beta as a closed event, with 8 players randomly selected from all entrants (nearly 30 in total) to vie for some awesome prizes courtesy of Rathe Shop and Card Merchant.

The chosen players were, in no particular order:

  • Gene Brumby the Brute (Rhinar)
  • Alex Barron the Guardian (Bravo)
  • Conrad Scherb the Mechanologist (Dash)
  • Jordan Nelson-Fussell the Ninja (Katsu)
  • Nicholas Marino the Ranger (Azalea)
  • Patrick Macrae the Runeblade (Viserai)
  • Paul Santos the Ranger (Azalea)
  • Jasin Long the Ranger (Azalea)

Hero Choices

  • Katsu
  • Azalea
  • Rhinar
  • Dash
  • Bravo
  • Viserai

The format of the tournament was 3 swiss rounds, to be played on the basis over 1 round per day from Wednesday to Saturday.

We ran this tournament as an experimental event, and we learnt a lot from it – which we have captured as learnings in this Online Events: Frequently Asked Questions.

We utilised the guidance from Flesh and Blood community contributor, DM Armada; and veteran cardsman, Gene Brumby to successfully navigate the challenges of running an online event.

The results are in everybody – we have our final standings after 3 rounds of play. See below for the deck lists our heroes piloted.

Alex Barron – Congratulations on being the first online league champion!

Team Profile

Alex Barron

Inaugural Metrix Daily League Champ

Alex piloted a classic Guardian deck and said Bravo to this tournament. You’ve earnt yourself $30 credit at Rathe Shop, and 6 booster packs.

Team Profile

Jasin Long

Inaugural Metrix Daily League Runner Up

Jasin ran a fancy new Ranger list – read about it in his article Red in the Ledger: Building Ranger in Constructed. You’ve earnt yourself $15 store credit at Rathe Shop and 3 booster packs.

Metrix Daily Anytime League

In conjunction with Card Merchant, we are running an ongoing league for the six weeks March 29th to May 10th.

Competitors may register for either a FREE Casual league, or a $10 competitive league, and there is one league running every week!

There are heaps of great prizes and this is a great chance to play during isolation when you’re bored at home!

Register Today
Winner Prediction

Over on Facebook, we ran a poll and competition for the successful prediction of the winner. Whomever backed the ultimate champion would win an additional 5 packs. We had 3 people get behind Alex, but only one could be successful:

Mathias A – Congratulations, 5 packs coming your way!

Thanks to everyone who entered.


Find out what tech our heroes played


2x Harmonized Kodachi
1 x Nullrune Gloves
1 x Fyendal’s Spring Tunic
1 x Breaking Scales
1 x Mask of Momentum
1 x Snapdragon Scalers



3 x Lunging Press
3 x Whelming Gustwave
3 x Fluster Fist
3 x Lord of Wind
2 x Whisper of the Oracle



3 x Art of War
3 x Mugenshi Release
2 x Leg Tap
2 x Rising Knee Thrust
1 x  Eirina’s Prayer



3 x Plunder run
3 x Rising Knee Thrust
3 x Snatch
3 x Razor Reflex
3 x Leg Tap
3 x Whelming Gustwave
3 x Fluster Fist
3 x Surging Strike
3 x Enlightened Strike
3 x Scar for a Scar
3 x Ancestral Empowerment
3 x Sink Below
3 x Eirina’s Prayer
3 x Chains of Eminence
3 x Unmovable
2 x Ravenous Rabble
1 x Blackout Kick


(Pitch 1 Red)
x3 Searing Shot
x3 Sic Em Shot
x3 Ridge Rider Shot
x3 Sink Below
x3 Red in the Ledger
x2 Unmovable
x3 Endless Arrow
x3 Head Shot
x2 Razor Reflex
x3 Three of a Kind
x2 Force Sight
x3 Take Aim
x3 Take Cover
x3 Ravenous Rabble

(Pitch 2 – Yellow)
x3 Rapid Fire
x3 Springboard Somersault
x1 Hamstring Shot
x1 Searing Shot
x1 Tome of Fyendal
x2 Remembrance
x3 Take Aim

(Pitch 3 Blue)
x1 Eye of Ophidia
x2 Razor Reflex
x3 Pursuit of Knowledge
x2 Head Shot
x3 Nock the Deathwhistle
x3 Take Aim
x3 Force Sight

(Side board)
x3 Enchanting Melody – Red
x2 Enchanting Melody – Yellow

Death Dealer – Bow
Skullbone Crosswrap – Head
Bull’s Eye Bracers – Arms
Snapdragon Scalers – Legs
Ironrot Plate – Chest

1 Bull’s Eye Bracers
1 Fyendal’s Spring Tunic
1 Skullbone Crosswrap
1 Snapdragon Scalers
1 Nullrune Boots

3 Art of War
3 Endless Arrow
3 Energy Potion
3 Enlightened Strike
1 Eye of Ophidia
3 Head Shot (Red)
3 Nock the Deathwhistle
3 Plunder Run (Red)
3 Plunder Run (Yellow)
3 Rapid Fire
3 Razor Reflex (Red)
3 Razor Reflex (Yellow)
3 Red in the Ledger
3 Ridge Rider Shot (Red)
3 Rifting (Red)
3 Sic ‘Em Shot (Red)
3 Silver the Tip (Red)
3 Snatch (Red)
3 Take Aim (Blue)
3 Take Aim (Red)
3 Take Aim (Yellow)
3 Three of a Kind
2 Eirina’s Prayer (Red)
3 Plunder Run (Blue)
3 Sink Below (Red)
3 Take Cover (Red)

3 High Octane
3 Teklo Core
3 Spark of Genius
1 Induction Chamber
6 Pour the Mold (Y+R)
2 Cognition Nodes
3 Convection Amplifier
6 Zero to Sixty (Y+R)
9 Zipper Hit
3 Throttle (Y)
3 Dissapation Shield
3 Hyper Driver
3 Optekal Monocle
3 Enlightened Strike
3 Tome of Fyendal
3 Last Ditch Effort
2 Remembrance
1 Plunder Run (B)

1 Teklo Plasma Pistol
1 Arkanite Skullcap
1 Teklo Foundry Heart
1 Bracers of Belief
1 Achilles Accelerator

3 Unmovable (R)
1 Aether Sink
3 Command and Conquer
3 Zero to Sixty (B)
3 Maximise Velocity
3 Throttle (R)

Azalea, Ace in the Hole

Death Dealer

Skullbone Crosswrap

Fyendal’s Spring Tunic

Bull’s Eye Bracers

Snapdragon Scalers
Nullrune Boots

Red in the Ledger           x3
Head Shot (1)               x3
Hamstring Shot (1)          x3
Salvage Shot (1)            x3
Sic ‘Em Shot (1)            x3
Searing Shot (1)            x3
Ridge Rider Shot (1)        x3
Enlightened Strike(1)       x3
Razor Reflex (1)            x3
Three of a Kind             x3
Take Cover (1)              x3

Hamstring Shot (2)          x3
Ridge Rider Shot (2)        x3
Sic ‘Em Shot (2)            x3
Take Aim (2)                x3
Razor Reflex (2)            x3
Take Cover (2)              x3

Nock the Deathwhistle       x3
Ridge Rider Shot (3)        x3
Take Aim (3)                x3
Whisper of the Oracle (3)   x3
Take Cover (3)              x3

Ravenous Rabble (1)         x3
Unmoveable (1)              x3
Unmoveable (3)              x3
Eirina’s Prayer (1)         x3

Razor reflex r x3, y x2
Read the runes r x3, y x2, b x3
Life for life r x1
Bloodspill invocation r x3, y x2, b x1
Amplify the arknight r x3, y x2, b x2
Timesnap potion b x3
Spellblade strike r x3, y x3
Whisper of the oracle y x2, b x2
Spellblade assault r x1, y x1
Runeflash r x3, y x2, b x2
Drone of brutality y x1 b x2
Drawn to the dark dimension r x3, y x1, bx2
Remembrance y x1
Oath of the arknight r x1, y x1
Tome of the arknight b x1
Lead the charge r x2, y x1
Enchanting melody r x1, b x1
Plunder run r x1, y x1
Rusted relic b x1
Unmovable b x3
Reduce to runechant r x1, y x2
Nullrune robe
Goliath gauntlet
Mage master boots
Crown of dichotomy

rhinar, reckless rampage

Equipment 5
1 romping club
1 hope merchants hood
1 fyendal’s spring tunic
1 bracers of belief
1 scabskin leathers

Red 48
3 flock of the feather walkers
3 push the point
3 life for a life
3 vigor rush
3 wounding blow
3 ravenous rabble
3 scar for a scar
3 snatch
3 enlightened strike
3 razor reflexes
3 plunder run
3 barraging beatdown
2 command and conquer
2 eirina’s prayer
2 fate foreseen
3 sink below
3 sigil of solace

Yellow 21
3 flock of the feather walkers
3 snatch
3 art of war
3 razor reflexes
3 plunder run
3 barraging beatdown
3 bone head barrier

Blue 6
3 pursuit of knowledge
3 barraging beatdown

2 Fate Forseen (Red)
3 Sink Below (Red)
2 Forged for War
1 Heart of Fyendal
2 Pummel (Blue)
3 Show Time!
3 Unmovable (Blue)
3 Stonewall Confidence (Blue)
3 Cartilage Crush (Blue)
3 Buckling Blow (Blue)
3 Cranial Crush
3 Disable (Blue)
3 Debilitate (Blue)
3 Crush Confidence (Blue)
3 Raging Onslaught (Blue)
3 Last Ditch Effort
3 Pummel (Red)
3 Cartilage Crush (Red)
3 Scar for a Scar (Red)
1 Debilitate (Red)
3 Spinal Crush
3 Crippling Crush
1 Disable (Red)

1 Bravo, Showstopper
1 Anothos
1 Nullrune Boots
1 Tectonic Plating
1 Goliath Gauntlet
1 Arcanite Skullcap (HD)
1 Seismic Surge

3 Staunch Response (Blue)
3 Staunch Response (Yellow)
3 Unmovable (Yellow)
3 Unmovable (Red)
1 Nullrune Gloves
2 Remembrance

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