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MDL – Week 2 Primer

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After an exciting weekend of activity with the amazing Win-a-Case Event, we saw a number of new decks appear hoping to define the metagame, with one hero emerging superior: young Dash, from none other than the city of Metrix!

The tech for this event can be viewed on the Events Decklist page, and are summarised in our article: Win-a-Case Event Top 8 Decklists.

This was all after the excitement of Week 1 of the Metrix Daily League, where Bravo and Viserai reigned supreme, as you will recall from the Week 1 Competitive and Week 1 Casual articles.

We also published the Metrix Daily League Table, where you can keep an eye on the leaders and your personal prize holding, for redemption at the end of the season.

Week 2 is Upon Us

With the return of the week, comes the start of another exciting week of MDL, with the competitive and casual leagues again open for entry. Get involved now to make sure you keep earning experience and leveling up.

Details of the Metrix Daily Anytime League for those brave enough to join!

Register for Week 2

As a special event – Legend Story Studios are collaborating with us to allow one of their senior development team members, Jason Chung, to play in the league.

This week, we’re going even deeper though – with Jason agreeing to play a deck (hero and style) of your choice! Vote now to see if he can top the league again?

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