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Online Events: Discord Primer

Questions and Answers

What is Discord?

It’s an online text and voice communications tool – great for shared gaming experiences. You can download it at: the official Discord site.

Why use Discord at all?

It’s important that we have a shared and common way to communicate throughout the event. Discord is a nice lightweight tool that provides players, judges, and organisers with the means to interact with players.

How does discord work?

There are voice and text channels.

You can only type text in a text channel, and only use voice in a voice channel.

Voice is, by default, always on.

You can be in a voice channel and type into a text channel at the same time.

This is important for judge calls and results.

What channel do I join?

Tables are numbered as the physical table would be – so join the channel for your table. If you were playing on Table 4, join channel Table 04.

How do I call a judge?

Select the text channel #judge-call

Type in “@judges TableXX” and we will jump in at the earliest option. All messages are time stamped.

How do I report results?

Click on the text channel #results-box and type in your result; ideally both players will confirm the result.

What details should I use for TTS setup?

Please use the following details, where YY is the Table number in 00 format; e.g. Table 4 = 04

Table/Server Name: mdxYY

Password: mdx

What about spectators?

It’s up to you if you want to allow spectators, however you will need to allow room and access for judges if and when required.

I'm a streamer - can I stream my match?

Again, it’s up to you, but you may risk your opponent joining your stream and seeing your hand or other private info

Discord Basics

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