Online Events: FAQ

Is one event running for 6 weeks?

No, each event runs for a week.

We will run 6 events in total, each lasting for a week.

Is the entry fee ($10) for the whole 6 weeks?

No, it’s one ticket (entry fee) per league per week.

What online tools can we use to play?

There are a couple of options available:

  • Untap
  • Tabletop Simulator

What if my opponent doesn't want to use an online tool?

There are some great alternatives – using your webcam or smartphone you can create a cast of your gamespace. There are a number of guides available on how to do this.

My opponent is in a different time zone - how do we play?

Most time zones have some reasonable cross-over; work together to find out where you can align your schedules to intersect for an hour that you can play a game. Commit to this time and turn up!

What are the most important things in an online event?

Remember the essentials:

  • act with honour – this is a small community
  • the game is supposed to be played “in the Flesh and Blood”; this is a compromise
  • events are meant to be a fun way to escape from the frustration of isolation
  • we’re all human; we’re all in this together – maintain empathy

What happens if there is a technical issue?

This isn’t something one would face in a normal tournament! If the game state can be recreated or preserved to the agreement of both players, then the match can carry on.

However, given the difficulty in doing and agreeing this, we would recommend for the sake of time and integrity of the match that the game is reset.

Alternatively, if one player feels the match was near to an outcome – they may wish to concede to reflect that.