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Online Tournament: House of KP

The Reality of Rathe is Altered

This tournament is named in honour of KP Michael, who was instrumental in creating the Tabletop Simulator modification which has allowed so many of us to continue enjoying the game in its online form.

Thank you KP, from all of us here at Metrix Daily – between you and others like Kai Be, Wire Bhren, there are so many great people who help to make our community better.

  • Start Time for the event will be 9.30am AU / 11.30am NZ time, Saturday 23rd May

  • Top 4 will play immediately after Swiss Rounds; estimated start time of 3pm.

  • All Information will be made available on the Metrix Daily Event Hub

  • Entries are capped at 56 players for the event – invite only

  • Round Time for the event will be 35minutes in swiss

  • Decklists are required – we ask that you use FABDB’s Deck Builder tool

  • Technology required for the event includes: Discord; Tabletop Simulator

  • Questions are answered below – in the Answers section


The following prizes are in place for this event:

Deck building Prizes:

In the event of multiple eligible entries, a player will be selected at random.

  • The player with no majestics: Rainbow Foil Enlightened Strike
  • The player with no class cards: Rainbow Foil Chains of Eminence
  • Judge’s choice – coolest deck award: 10 booster packs
Placement Prizes:
  • The 1st placed player after Top 4 will receive 15 packs
  • The 2nd placed player after Top 4 will receive 11 packs
  • The 3rd and 4th placed player after Top 4 will receive 8 packs each
  • The 5th-8th placed players will each receive 5 packs each
  • The 9th placed player will receive 9 packs
  • Three other players, chosen at random, will receive 5 packs each
  • The highest placed player for their class:
    • Dash: Rainbow Foil Induction Chamber
    • Bravo: Rainbow Foil Show Time!
    • Kano: Rainbow Foil Forked Lightning
    • Azalea: Rainbow Foil Rapid Fire
    • Viserai: Rainbow Foil Tome of the Arknight
    • Dorinthea: Rainbow Foil Rout
    • Rhinar: Rainbow Foil Bonehead Barrier
    • Katsu: Rainbow Foil Mugenshi Release
  • Choose a Hero as normal
  • You may play ‘specialisation’ cards unique to your hero
  • You may not play any other cards from the same class as your hero
  • Your life total is set to 30 – yes, we’re all wizards

The following cards are banned:

  • Sigil of Solace
  • Sun Kiss
  • Tome of Fyendal
Deck Building

Given the rules variations, deck building is going to be a wee bit different to normal.

We are working with Kai from FaBDB to make this easy. Please expect a follow-up with instructions that will make this hum.


What happens after the 35 minute round time ends?

After 35 minutes, each player will lose 5 life. If there is no result from the lost life (either a winner or a draw), players will play for another 5 minutes after which time the game will be a draw if no result.

Why is this event invite only?

This event is designed to be a special and exclusive prize for those who choose to play in the Road to Nationals event.

If the format proves popular, we will run a similar event again in the future.

Will I earn XP for this event?

This event is FUN only, and will not be officially endorsed and therefore will not earn XP

How many rounds will this event be?

This event will run for a maximum of 6 rounds of Swiss, and 2 rounds of Top 4.

Why is there only a Top 4 playoff?

Because the prize structure is flat after the Top 4 and this is designed to be a fun and quick event.

For those of you who are comic book fans… yes, this is a nod to the ‘House of M’ storyline; KP and Kai Be are our versions of Scarlet Witch and Prof. X!

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