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Road to Nationals – Cancellation

Acting in the best interests of players

In the interest of preserving the prestige and integrity of the road-to-nationals series, we have agreed with Legend Story Studios and ADEPT Events to cancel the Metrix Daily Road to Nationals.

A refund will be issued immediately to all players who have registered.

With amazing support and effort from the community (special thanks  to KP Michael, who worked tirelessly on this), the previously identified critical issue was countered in full. However, we learnt that there were other issues that – while incredibly hard to access and utilise – would potentially compromise the tournament experience.

Tabletop Simulator is a great platform that allows us to continue a Flesh and Blood gaming experience while in isolation. However, it is not suited to a ‘high-stakes’ event such as Road to Nationals.

At Metrix Daily and ADEPT Events, we are disappointed; we feel the sadness with you; we were looking forward to this event as the pinnacle of our remote Flesh and Blood gaming experience.

We wholeheartedly apologise to you, and all 58 players who were anticipating this event – we wish we could bring better news, but this painful decision was made to serve all players.

Flesh and Blood has a vibrant and positive community, and we know nobody would act to compromise the game experience, but we couldn’t proceed knowing that the possibility existed.

Thank you for your understanding.

-Logan (Metrix Daily) and Mani (ADEPT Events)

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