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Road to Nationals: April 2020

A Premiere Tournament by ADEPT Events

Through a partnership with ADEPT Events and Legend Story Studios, we are able to bring you the first and most exciting Road to Nationals worldwide. This event will define the meta-game, set the standard, and leave everyone hungry for a space in the event everyone wants to be at: Nationals 2020.

Adept Events


  • Start Time for the event will be 9.30am AU / 11.30am NZ time, Saturday 18th April

  • Swiss Rounds will play on Saturday 18th April from 10am AU / 12pm NZ time

  • Top 8 will play on Day 2, Sunday 19th April from 10am AU / 12pm NZ time

  • All Information will be made available on the Metrix Daily Event Hub

  • Entries are capped at 64 players for the event

  • Round Time for the event will be 75minutes in swiss (15 to prepare, 60 to play)

  • Decklists are required – we ask that you use FABDB’s Deck Builder tool

  • Technology required for the event includes: Discord; Tabletop Simulator

  • Questions are answered below – in the Answers section


Legend Story Studios have very generously made available some brilliant prizes for players in this event, including the prize that everyone is vying for: an invite to the big show – NATIONALS 2020.

There are so many things to look forward to as Flesh and Blood players, and this event is no exception:

  • The winner of each Road to Nationals will receive a cash payment* for attending National Champs 2020.
  • Top 8 players receive an invitation to National Champs 2020*.
  • The winner receives a “random drop” gold foil legendary prize card!
  • The highest ranked player of each hero after swiss rounds, receives a cold foil version of the hero they are playing!
  • 24 cold foil potion cards awarded at the discretion of Metrix Daily
  • Top 8 players receive an “ambidextrous” Road to Nationals exclusive Fyendal’s Spring Tunic play mat.

*for the full details, please refer to the official Flesh and Blood TCG Road to Nationals briefing.

No matter what you play or how you fare, you are guaranteed a day of fun, inspiring strategies, and great prizes.

  • The prizes have been updated per the below:
Updated Prizes


The World of Rathe is always changing, and as surely as new factions vie for surpremacy using both might and arcane, players test and build new creations that can smite all opponents.

Join us in the not-to-be-missed event of the month, presented by Metrix Daily and hosted by ADEPT Events.

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Metrix Daily work with great partners that made this event possible, with special thanks to:


When does registration close?

Event registration closes at 9am AU / 11am NZ time on Saturday 18th of April.

When do I need to submit my decklist?

It must be received before the player meeting starts, meaning by 9.00am AU / 11.00am NZ time on Saturday 18th of April.

Will there be a player meeting?

Yes, this will happen on Discord at 9.30am AU / 11.30am NZ time on Saturday 18th of April. We require all players to be logged on and present, so they get the essential information on how the event will run.

Visit the Road to Nationals: Answers page for the full FAQ.

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