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7th, Harry Kaloyirou (Viserai)

Win-a-Case 5th April 2020

Class: Runeblade
Hero: Viserai, Rune Blood
Weapons: Nebula Blade

  • Arcanite Skullcap
  • Crown of Dichotomy
  • Fyendal’s Spring Tunic
  • Grasp of the Arknight
  • Mage Master Boot
  • Nullrune Glove
  • Nullrune Robe

(3) Amplify the Arknight (red)
(3) Arknight Ascendancy (red)
(3) Chains of Eminence (red)
(3) Enchanting Melody (red)
(3) Enlightened Strike (red)
(3) Lead the Charge (red)
(3) Mordred Tide (red)
(3) Oath of the Arknight (red)
(3) Read the Runes (red)
(3) Reduce to Runechant (red)
(3) Rune Flash (red)
(3) Spellblade Assault (red)
(3) Spellblade Strike (red)
(1) Unmovable (red)
(3) Lead the Charge (yellow)
(2) Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath (yellow)
(3) Read the Runes (yellow)
(1) Remembrance (yellow)
(3) Tome of Fyendal (yellow)
(3) Whisper of the Oracle (yellow)
(3) Amplify the Arknight (blue)
(3) Become the Arknight (blue)
(3) Drawn to the Dark Dimension (blue)
(3) Lead the Charge (blue)
(3) Oath of the Arknight (blue)
(3) Tome of the Arknight (blue)

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