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Win-a-Case Event – R1 Pairings

May all of Rathe live in you


Between Discord/GEM/Tabletop Simulator, we will have different names for each profile. This could quickly become confusing!

Just as you would at a physical event, please introduce yourselves and confirm you have the right opponent before starting your match.

If you start a game with the wrong opponent, normal time limits will apply!

Round Timing

  1. Starts 1100pm NZDT
  2. Ends 1220pm NZDT

Each round is 1hr and 20minutes long. We expect you to finish in this time!

  • 20 minutes for preparation (set up of TTS, boarding, shuffling, etc).
  • 60 minutes to play out your game.
  • If you and your opponent are ready earlier, you may start.
  • The end-of-round procedure will apply as normal.
    • The player AT time is Turn 0 (T0)
    • Play 3 additional turns after that turn ends (T1, T2, T3)
    • The result is a draw (double loss) if not concluded at the end of T3

Round 1 Pairings

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