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Win-a-Case Event – Top 8 Breakdown

Eight heroes remain to fight for supremacy

After a valiant from 34 excited and hungry players from across the world, there are only 8 monstrous heroes left, who now face a tough quest to produce the most outrageous attacks, the smartest boarding tech, and unleash the most unfathomable reactions to quell their opponents.

Metagame Breakdown

  • Katsu
  • Bravo
  • Viserai
  • Dash

Watch Live

One select match from the Top8 will be live streamed for the duration of the Top8 playoffs, with a 5 minute delay applied to prevent the integrity of the game being compromised.

Start Streaming
(1) Cayle McCreath v. (8) Isaac Olssen

Bravo v. Dash

(2) Karol Ruszkiewicz v. (7) Harry Kaloyirou

Dash v. Viserai

(3) Jed Lawless v. (6) Jordan Nelson-Fussell

Katsu v. Katsu

(4) Nicholas Butcher v. (5) Hayden Dale

Dash v. Dash

(1) Cayle McCreath v. (4) Nicholas Butcher

Bravo v. Dash

(2) Karol Ruszkiewicz v. (6) Jordan Nelson-Fussell

Dash v. Katsu

(2) Karol Ruszkiewicz v. (4) Nicholas Butcher

Dash v. Dash


Well done to all of our Top 8 Heroes
  1. Nick Butcher
  2. Karol Ruszkiewicz
  3. Cayle McCreath
  4. Jordan Nelson-Fussell
  5. Jed Lawless
  6. Hayden Dale
  7. Harry Kaloyirou
  8. Isaac Olssen

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