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Win-a-Case Event Update

Player Information Pack

When are decklists due?

10am NZDT, Sunday 5th of April

When will registrations close?

10am NZDT, Sunday 5th of April

Is there a player limit?

We will be capping the event at 48 players.

How will we get a judge to assist?

Judges will be active on Metrix Daily Discord Server during the event – join the Judge discord channel to request assistance.

How will we setup the games?

All players will be required to join the specified channel on the Metrix Daily Discord Server and configure their Tabletop Simulator games using the provided details during pairings.

What will we use to communicate?

Join the Metrix Daily Discord Server for all communication

Where will information be posted?

All information will be posted to the Win-a-Case Event hub:

  • Player List
  • Pairings
  • Standings
  • Playoffs
  • Other Information

Where do I submit my decklist

Use the Metrix Daily Submit List Page

What deck should I play?

Nobody knows what’s best right now, but check out the Metrix Daily Event Decklists page to get some inspiration

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