1st – Sasha Markovic (MDL Week 5 Casual) – Metrix Daily

1st – Sasha Markovic (MDL Week 5 Casual)

Sasha Markovic is playing Kano

Crucible of Aetherweave ARC115

Storm Striders ARC116
Arcanite Skullcap ARC150
Nullrune Gloves ARC157
Fyendal’s Spring Tunic WTR150
Goliath Gauntlet WTR153

(3) Blazing Aether ARC118
(3) Forked Lightning ARC120
(3) Tome of Aetherwind ARC122
(3) Aether Spindle ARC126
(3) Stir the Aetherwinds ARC129
(3) Aether Flare ARC132
(3) Reverberate ARC138
(3) Zap ARC144
(3) Voltic Bolt ARC147
(3) Sun Kiss ARC212
(3) Moon Wish ARC185
(3) Sonic Boom ARC119
(3) Lesson in Lava ARC121
(3) Tome of Fyendal WTR160
(3) Aether Spindle ARC128
(3) Reverberate ARC140
(3) Scalding Rain ARC143
(3) Zap ARC146
(3) Voltic Bolt ARC149
(1) Eye of Ophidia ARC000
(3) Pursuit of Knowledge ARC161
(3) Sun Kiss ARC214
(3) Whisper of the Oracle ARC217
(1) Crazy Brew WTR162
(3) Energy Potion WTR170
(3) Potion of Strength WTR171

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