2nd Kieran McEntergart (Dolphin League; Heat 1) – Metrix Daily

2nd Kieran McEntergart (Dolphin League; Heat 1)

Ninja 2.0

Class: Ninja
Hero: Katsu, the Wanderer
Weapons: Harmonized Kodachi
Equipment: Breaking Scales, Fyendal’s Spring Tunic, Mask of Momentum, Nullrune Boots, Snapdragon Scalers

(3) Ancestral Empowerment (red)
(3) Enlightened Strike (red)
(3) Flic Flak (red)
(3) Fluster Fist (red)
(3) Head Jab (red)
(3) Leg Tap (red)
(3) Life for a Life (red)
(3) Open the Center (red)
(3) Plunder Run (red)
(1) Pounding Gale (red)
(3) Ravenous Rabble (red)
(3) Razor Reflex (red)
(3) Rising Knee Thrust (red)
(3) Scar for a Scar (red)
(3) Sink Below (red)
(2) Snatch (red)
(3) Unmovable (red)
(2) Art of War (yellow)
(2) Flic Flak (yellow)
(1) Hurricane Technique (yellow)
(1) Leg Tap (yellow)
(1) Open the Center (yellow)
(2) Rising Knee Thrust (yellow)
(1) Springboard Somersault (yellow)
(3) Fluster Fist (blue)
(3) Head Jab (blue)
(2) Lord of Wind (blue)
(3) Lunging Press (blue)
(3) Rising Knee Thrust (blue)

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