2nd – Nicholas Butcher (MDL Week 4) – Metrix Daily

2nd – Nicholas Butcher (MDL Week 4)

Nicholas Butcher is playing Dorinthea



Dawnblade WTR115

Arcanite Skullcap ARC150
Braveforge Bracers WTR116
Fyendal’s Spring Tunic WTR150
Nullrune Hood ARC155
Refraction Bolters WTR117


(1) Command and Conquer ARC159
3 Razor Reflex
(3) Enlightened Strike WTR159
(3) Fate Foreseen ARC200
(3) Ironsong Response WTR132
(3) Life for a Life ARC164
(1) Overpower WTR123
(1) Rout WTR120
(2) Scar for a Scar WTR191
(3) Sharpen Steel WTR141
(3) Sigil of Solace WTR173
(3) Sink Below WTR215
(3) Steelblade Shunt WTR126
(3) Steelblade Supremacy WTR119
(3) Stroke of Foresight WTR138
(3) Warrior’s Valor WTR129
(3) Ironsong Determination WTR122
(2) Remembrance WTR163
(2) Singing Steelblade WTR121
(2) Steelblade Shunt WTR127
(3) Warrior’s Valor WTR130
(3) Driving Blade WTR146
(2) Energy Potion WTR170
(3) Glint the Quicksilver WTR118
(1) Heart of Fyendal WTR000
(2) Ironsong Response WTR134
(1) Last Ditch Effort WTR161
(2) Overpower WTR125
(1) Pursuit of Knowledge ARC161
(3) Steelblade Shunt WTR128
(3) Warrior’s Valor WTR131

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