6th – Sasha Markovic (MDL Week 6) – Metrix Daily

6th – Sasha Markovic (MDL Week 6)

Sasha Markovic is playing Dash

Teklo Plasma Pistol ARC003
Teklo Foundry Heart ARC004
Achilles Accelerator ARC005
Arcanite Skullcap ARC150
Goliath Gauntlet WTR153
(3) High Octane ARC006
(3) Maximum Velocity ARC008
(3) Induction Chamber ARC010
(3) Pedal to the Metal ARC011
(3) Convection Amplifier ARC019
(3) Over Loop ARC020
(3) Throttle ARC023
(3) Zero to Sixty ARC026
(3) Zipper Hit ARC029
(3) Locked and Loaded ARC032
(3) Hyper Driver ARC036
(3) Plunder Run ARC170
(3) Spark of Genius ARC009
(3) Pedal to the Metal ARC012
(3) Over Loop ARC021
(3) Throttle ARC024
(3) Zero to Sixty ARC027
(3) Zipper Hit ARC030
(3) Art of War ARC160
(3) Teklo Core ARC007
(3) Pedal to the Metal ARC013
(3) Over Loop ARC022
(3) Throttle ARC025
(3) Zero to Sixty ARC028
(3) Zipper Hit ARC031

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