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Brute Bronze

Brute Bronze

Class: Brute

Hero: Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

Weapons: Romping Club

Equipment: Barkbone Strapping, Bracers of Belief, Ironrot Legs, Nullrune Hood, Snapdragon Scalers

(1) Quicken (undefined)

(2) Awakening Bellow (red)

(2) Barraging Beatdown (red)

(2) Breakneck Battery (red)

(2) Drone of Brutality (red)

(3) Flock of the Featherwalkers (red)

(3) Pack Hunt (red)

(3) Primeval Bellow (red)

(3) Pummel (red)

(3) Savage Swing (red)

(3) Smash Instinct (red)

(3) Vigor Rush (red)

(3) Primeval Bellow (yellow)

(3) Raging Onslaught (yellow)

(3) Rifting (yellow)

(3) Savage Swing (yellow)

(2) Sink Below (yellow)

(3) Smash Instinct (yellow)

(3) Wounded Bull (yellow)

(3) Wrecker Romp (yellow)

(3) Awakening Bellow (blue)

(2) Energy Potion (blue)

(3) Savage Feast (blue)

(2) Timesnap Potion (blue)

(3) Wounding Blow (blue)

(3) Wrecker Romp (blue)

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