Patrick McRae – 29 March 2020 – Metrix Daily

Patrick McRae – 29 March 2020

Brute Smash

Romping club
Hope merchant hood
Bracers of belief
Vest of the first fist
Snap dragon scales
Nullrune hood
Nullrune boots

Alpha rampage r x3
Savage feast r x3
Barraging beatdown r x3 y x3 b x3
Bloodrush bellow y x3
Sink bellow r x3
Savage swing r x3
Plunder run r x1 y x1
Springboard summersault y x3
Lunging press b x3
Bonehead barrier x3
Scar for a scar r x3 b x2
Drone of brutality r x3
Remembrance y x2
Energy potion b x3
Command and conquer r x1
Pursuit of knowledge b x1
Pummel r x1
Reckless swing b x3
Wrecker romp b x3
Last ditch effort b x3

Sink bellow y x2
Enchanting melody r x1 y x1 b x1
Fate foreseen y x2
Rusted relic b x1
Eirina’s prayer r x1 b x3
Unmovable r x1

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