7th – Matt Rogers – Metrix Daily

7th – Matt Rogers

MDL Week 2

Matt Rogers is playing Azalea

Class: Ranger
Hero: Azalea, Ace in the Hole
Weapons: Death Dealer
Equipment: Bull’s Eye Bracers, Fyendal’s Spring Tunic, Skullbone Crosswrap, Snapdragon Scalers

(3) Endless Arrow (red)
(3) Enlightened Strike (red)
(3) Fate Foreseen (red)
(2) Salvage Shot (Red)
(3) Head Shot
(2) Flock of the Featherwalkers (red)
(1) Hamstring Shot (red)
(3) Plunder Run (red)
(3) Ravenous Rabble (red)
(3) Razor Reflex (red)
(3) Red in the Ledger (red)
(3) Ridge Rider Shot (red)
(1) Scar for a Scar (red)
(2) Searing Shot (red)
(3) Sic ‘Em Shot (red)
(3) Snatch (red)
(3) Take Aim (red)
(3) Take Cover (red)
(3) Sink Below (red)
(3) Life for a Life (red)
(3) Lead the Charge (red)
(3) Nimblism (red)
(3) Nimble Strike (red)

(3) Ravenous Rabble (yellow)
(2) Art of War (yellow)
(3) Nimblism (yellow)
(2) Rapid Fire (yellow)

(3) Nock the Deathwhistle (blue)

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