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Ninja Silver

Ninja Silver

Class: Ninja

Hero: Katsu, the Wanderer

Weapons: Harmonized Kodachi

Equipment: Breaking Scales, Ironrot Plate, Nullrune Hood, Nullrune Robe, Snapdragon Scalers, Vest of the First Fist

(1) Ancestral Empowerment (red)

(2) Blackout Kick (red)

(2) Fluster Fist (red)

(3) Head Jab (red)

(3) Leg Tap (red)

(1) Nimblism (red)

(1) Open the Center (red)

(1) Pounding Gale (red)

(3) Push the Point (red)

(3) Razor Reflex (red)

(1) Rising Knee Thrust (red)

(3) Surging Strike (red)

(2) Wounding Blow (red)

(3) Head Jab (yellow)

(3) Leg Tap (yellow)

(1) Mugenshi Release! (yellow)

(2) Hurricane Technique (yellow)

(1) Open the Center (yellow)

(3) Rising Knee Thrust (yellow)

(1) Scar for a Scar (yellow)

(2) Scour the Battlescape (yellow)

(3) Sink Below (yellow)

(2) Surging Strike (yellow)

(3) Whelming Gustwave (yellow)

(2) Energy Potion (blue)

(3) Head Jab (blue)

(2) Leg Tap (blue)

(3) Rising Knee Thrust (blue)

(3) Snatch (blue)

(1) Surging Strike (blue)

(2) Whelming Gustwave (blue)

(3) Whisper of the Oracle (blue)

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