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Arcane Rising Exclusive: Mordred Tide

An iconic Runeblade Majestic

A new Runeblade Majestic enters the Arena!!! Many thanks to our friends at Legend Story Studios, the makers of Flesh and Blood TCG for giving us the chance to share this with you.

Mordred Tide

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This card is going to be iconic for the Runeblade class. There is nothing quite like it in FAB, and this is going to be a significant card for the Viserai deck. This couples with the hero power to ensure frequent Runechant generation. In order to get the maximum benefit from this, Runeblade players are going to look to be hitting long chains that keep small but impactful amounts of damage coming out.

This card is going to be key to a formative turn, where you will invest heavily in Runeblade attacks to power through a ferocious amount of damage.

Here are some rules clarifications for how this card will work:

  • the effect will not trigger when Mordred Tide itself is played
  • the effect does also boost Viserai’s hero effect
  • the effect will only add 1 to any existing count; so, if you play a card that gives you 3 Runechant tokens like Read the Runes (1) you will get 6 Runechant tokens (3 for the card effect; 1 for Mordred Tide’s effect; 2 for Viserai’s effect)
  • playing multiple Mordred Tide will stack, meaning you will get +1 Runechant token for each Tide that has been played
  • Mordred Tide is an action, and once resolved will go to your Graveyard, meaning that you could recycle to play twice in a turn if your cards allow it
  • Runechant tokens stay in place until triggered, but once a trigger occurs there is no choice – they must be destroyed for the effect as stated
  • Cards like Chains of Eminence cannot be used to prevent the creation of Runechant tokens
  • There is no limit to how many Runechant tokens one has in play
  • When playing a card that triggers Runechant, you decide the order, but you cannot destroy tokens that would be created as part of the same trigger – as they do not exist at the time the triggering card is played

This card is going to pair excellently with the range of ‘discount’ cards that are available to Runeblade players. If we imagine options, we could potentially play the following in one turn (noting you may need other cards to provide actions):

  1. Mordred Tide
  2. Read the Runes (1) +6 Runechant tokens
  3. Free-to-play, Amplify the Arknight (1) +2 Runechant tokens; Destroy 6 tokens to burn for 6, then Attack for 6

The exciting thing about Runeblade is the way it pairs physical damage and arcane damage, which makes it really tough for opponents to play against.

There are some seriously exciting cards coming in this set. We can’t wait to see the amazing combos people are going to build with this card.

Stay tuned for an article on playing Viserai in limited (sealed/draft) later in the week. If you haven’t already, check out our other guides to Kano (Wizard) and Dash (Mechanologist).

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