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Crucible of War Spoiler – Argh… Smash!

Chamber's Worst Nightmare

Here it is! The gift to all you Mechanologist skeptics! All your prayers have been answered in this tight little package that does exactly what it says – smashes chambers to pieces.

Ok, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mechanologist class item cards, especially Induction Chamber. Also, the card can target potions introduced in Welcome to Rathe.


Prevalence of Dash

Induction Chamber has had a polarising effect on the competitive scene of Flesh and Blood. Not only is this card insane in Limited play, with many players calling it the best limited card in Arcane Rising, it has made a huge impact on the competitive play. 

If I had a gold coin every time I heard someone say this card is broken, I’d have a lot of gold coins!

Since the release of Arcane Rising, Dash has been the main new class that has really picked up steam in tournaments.  The deck has picked up a staggering 6 out of the 10 Road to Nationals event wins as I am writing this article. With so many top 8 placements saturated with the class, especially in the New Zealand competitive play, players have been searching for an answer to this powerhouse. Well, look no more. Argh… Smash! Is here to cause some havoc. This card is extremely threatening to the Mechanologist lists that heavily rely on Induction Chamber and Pistol hits. 

Destroying Induction Chambers is a very punishing long lasting effect in the matchup, but it isn’t the only thing Argh… Smash! Can deal with. 


Destroying Potions

Potions have been a staple in many lists in Flesh and Blood. The ability to get extra action points, resource points or attack power is immense. It is a way to potentially create a pseudo 6 card hand (potion + arsenal + 4 in hand) and do some extremely bonkers things! Think Command and Conquer for 8, followed by Crippling Crush! 

So far, I have seen a number of control lists that aim to mitigate as much damage as possible, drop a bunch of potions into play, then have a massive blowout turn, even one turn kill turn. Main example of these, would be the one turn kill Runeblade list, that stacks up an insane amount of runechants, then uses Potions of Strength and possibly Energy Potions and Timesnap Potions to set up a big kill turn. 

As the variety of lists develops with Crucible of War, we might see these lists become more and more popular, which is where a good old Argh… Smash! Will come in handy. 

The beauty of the card is, you might only need one or two in your list, as the items tend to stay in play till the ‘final turn’, which could make it a very efficient sideboard card for these particular matchups… If only you roll well!


Roll 6 Sided Die Effect

Of course, nothing is perfect. If anything, Legendary Story Studios have been excelling in the tough, but crucial balancing act of making sure the classes are even. In the same way, Argh… Smash! Can massively backfire if you roll a 1. But, hey, that’s the beauty of Brute! 

The good thing is, even if you miss your roll, you have go again, making it possible to salvage a missed roll. If you really want to hit that roll, having the newly spoiled Gambler’s Gloves might help. This card pairs super nicely with  Argh… Smash! And many other Brute cards, making it a natural fit in the class… But then again so can your opponent! I hope you are just as excited as I am to see these Dash players side in their Gambler’s gloves to keep the chambers alive.

As a Brute player myself, I was really stoked to see this card join my card pool. I feel not only will it put a smile on the face of every Brute player out there, but I don’t doubt it will make many more players consider Brute as their class of choice. Such a powerful effect gives the class a very unique strategy to counteract some of the current metagame’s most prevalent challenges. Now I hope this got you as excited about future Crucible of War shenanigans, and let’s get smashing!

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