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Crucible of War Spoiler – Meganetic Shockwave

The Shocking New Dash Board Cleanser

Magnetic Shockwave

Before we jump into the relevance of this card in both the meta and the deck building potential of Dash, check out the art! What a beautiful card. I can’t wait to see this in foil!

Let’s quickly run through the basics.

  • Pitch 3
  • Block 3
  • Dash specialisation for boost
  • Usable outside of pitch

This card is going straight in all dash builds. See you later Pour the Mould blue. I consider this a straight upgrade to all the dash builds we have seen so far. Not great for all the Dash haters out there. Outside of the basic pitch/block function that chamber decks will love so much.

Let’s have a look at the effect: The defending hero must defend Meganetic Shockwave with X equipment they control, where X is the number of times you have boosted this combat chain. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is the card (I assume) that LSS told us very much likes Fyendal’s Spring Tunic. It also loves Mask of Momentum. It also loves all of the new temper armour pieces. It loves to mess up your game play. And best of all it pitches for 3 and blocks for 3.

Straight away a lot of players are going to see the power of this card.

Boost 4, Meganetic Shockwave and there goes that pesky Mask and Tunic people depend on so much. As a comparison of value, Maximum Velocity requires 3 boosts and hits for 10. That puts this card 6 damage down on a 3 boost turn. However a 4 boost turn is exponentially harder to pull off. It essentially requires a big setup of Teklo Cores, Hyper Drives and energy potions.

The reward is potentially game winning though… potentially resulting in the perfect scenario of clipping 2 Blade Break/Temper burdened Equipment with it. This card carries on the theme of Crucible of War; threats existing in decks that change how you have to play your deck. More importantly than straight-up killing all your opponents equipment, Meganetic Shockwave forces them to conserve their equipment until later in the game.

Looking at the ninja matchup again, if they decide to use their Snapdragon Scalers and Breaking Scales early on in the game, your Magnetic Shockwave will be breaking their Tunic and Mask off just 2 boosts which it can easily achieve as soon as you draw it. Similar situations will occur with classes using Temper equipment pieces.

Moving on from the obvious ability and it’s use in breaking equipment pieces, the effect is still relevant against armour that doesn’t break. It again changes the defenders choice of when to block, incentivising them to use their armour early to extract value from the defence counters. If they don’t, we can threaten to boost Meganetic Shockwave for 4 and force them to over block with armour pieces or use them sub-optimally.

This card looks to be an auto include in almost all dash decks. It is relevant when played, pitched, defended, boosted and most importantly, while it is in the deck. I personally love cards that alter the gameplay of my opponent by the mere fact they exist in my deck. It forces people to constantly play with difficult decisions.

Situations like forcing people to hold equipment cards early, rather than extract value with them. Blocking with armour early, which allows us to threaten on hit effects later (Goliath Gauntlet + Command and Conquer is so much better if they don’t have any armour left). I can’t wait for Crucible of War to drop and the effect this and other cards are going to have on deck building and play styles!

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