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Hero Review – Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

Dash is the first of the Mechanologist heroes revealed in FAB.  How does the Mechanologist class work and will Dash make a splash in the FAB meta? Let’s take a look at her, her weapon and her class key word to attempt to evaluate what her play style will be like and how she might fit into the metagame.

If you didn’t play with me at The Calling in Auckland – one thing I rate SUPER highly in this game is equipment. I think the use of equipment often gives a strong edge in a game and timing with it is everything. Dash allows us to start with an extra card in the arena (we might see a way to remove items in this set?). The items allow you to tune the decks playstyle/tweak your matchup when you get them out. 

So we have the ability increase the speed at which we play (gain pitch points), slow down our fatigue rate (cycle cards) and increase our defences (block).  I love the functionality of these pitch generating items. They allow us to spend an action/pitch points now – to generate tempo in the future. Up until now building board states for big turns has been non-existent outside of the potions. This gives us a class that plays along the more traditional TCG values of setting up boards.  Moving on, lets look at the Mechanologist key word – Boost.

Boost allows us to banish a card to gain go again. It rewards us for either having 100% Mechanologist cards, or knowing what is coming up in the deck (Optekal Monocle anyone?). Three things to note here – 

The only other deck with consistent Go Again is Ninja. It plays FAST. 

Deck size as a resource is on peoples radar – but Mechanologist really pushes that to the limit. We must win the game before we run out of cards. Knowing WHEN to Boost and when to be conserving our resource (our deck) will be a tough decision for good Mechanologists (somewhat similar to choosing when to Dominate with Bravo). 

It seems like getting cards that hit to recycle will be a theme/possibility in the deck. This is one way of maintaining the resource (also Remembrance for those juicy attacks anybody?).

Finally – check out this Weapon. Note that it’s attack IS NOT limited to once per turn. As long as you have action points you can keep pinging them for 2. I think this is one of the coolest weapons in the game revealed so far! Pair it with the induction charger above for 4 damage – or 2 damage and an action point to whack another item down (what about 3x induction chargers??!!). Let’s super charge this weapon!

So between the items, boost and the weapon, I think Dash will be huge fun to deck build with. It looks like there will be a huge number of ways to build this deck. Aggro, Mid-game with a finisher and stall all seem viable…  My guess is she will be the top limited pick for Arcane Rising and looks hyper competitive in constructed. I can’t wait to see the builds people come up with.


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