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Arcane Rising Exclusive: Take Aim

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing a new Ranger card, Take Aim. Many thanks to our friends at Legend Story Studios, the makers of Flesh and Blood TCG for giving us the chance to share this with you.

At first glance, Take Aim is very similar to an existing card, Nimblism, with a different bonus, restrictions, and opportunities (Nimblism also buffs Nimble Strike). While this is a class specific card, this feels like it has more room to make stuff happen – given the themes present in Ranger.

The buff on the card is average at three damage, but it also features the new Ranger keyword Reload, and you really need to be using this effect to get excited about Take Aim. One of the best ways of doing this currently is with another recently released card, Plunder Run.

If you have an arrow in hand you can play Take Aim setting Plunder Run with the Reload effect, then play Plunder Run giving your next arrow attack +6 damage and if it hits draw a card. Followed up with Death Dealer’s ability to put the next arrow in your hand (maybe one you draw from the attack) into the arsenal, so you now have a very powerful attack for little investment.

I’m excited to see what other cards are created that support the Reload mechanic as it feels like a powerful ability when used in conjunction with effects that gain value when played from the arsenal.

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