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Boosted! Dash-

Welcome to the first of our Deck Guides on Metrix Daily! Today we will take a look at Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire – Mechanologist. If you haven’t checked out our First Thoughts on Dash, have a quick look now. We go over the class mechanics and speculate how she will work. With all the cards released now, we can build a functioning deck!

Before we start throwing cards in the deck, I like to look at where Dash will find her advantage. On average – her attacks hit for PAR damage. 0 hits for 4, 1 hits for 5, 2 hits for 6, however, all of these cards have ‘boost’ which can function as go again. In comparison, our favourite hero Katsu, 0 hits for 3, 1 hits for 4 and 2 hits for 5 on the openers (all have go again). Then the combo value skews these values slightly upwards on average. Expect Katsu and Dash to hit for a similar amount if we pitch 1 and swing with 3 (maybe shed a tear for Dash because she doesn’t have a fancy mask to wear).

Our second benefit to Dash is the only hero that creates permanent items on the battlefield to aid her in combat. These are particularly interesting because they can let us play 5 card turns WITHOUT needing to pitch anything. This should result in significant damage over and above what a hero can block. Teklo Core, Induction Chamber and Convection Amplifier will be included in our first build.

Based on these two areas of overlap, my thoughts are to build a deck that is aggressive and aims to finish the game with a few big turns. This will require a high number of attack actions, a low number of pitch cards and a way to set ourselves up for that FINISH THEM! moment.

Dash Inventor Extraordinaire

1 Teklo Plasma Pistol

1 Talismanic Lens

1 Teklo Foundry Heart

1 Goliath Gauntlet

1 Achilles Accelerator


3 Back Alley Breakline

3 High Octane

2 Maximum Velocity

1 Induction Chamber

1 Convection Amplifier

3 Locked and Loaded

3 Overloop

3 Pedal to the Metal

3 Snatch

3 Throttle

3 Zero to Sixty

3 Zipper Hit


3 Art of War

2 Remembrance

3 Spark of Genius

3 Tome of Fendyl

3 Zipper Hit

3 Zero to Sixty


3 Zero to Sixty

3 Zipper Hit

3 Teklo Core

2 Throttle

1 Cognition Noodle


To begin with, you’ll notice the deck is heavily themed to Mechanologist cards. We run 13 Generic cards (but the 3 Back Alley Breaklines effectively trigger boost). This is to try and keep Boost functioning as well as possible. There IS a chance that we miss it, so we must still play somewhat cautiously. The basic game strategy is to use Dash’s hero ability to bring out the Induction Chamber to start the game. We can easily find 2-3 card turns that offer 7-12 damage over 2-3 attacks. This allows us to maintain some early pressure whilst sculpting our deck and the board for the mid-game period.

There are a few small combos we are looking for to build true advantage in the game. Note that you can setup the steam counters on both the Teklo Pistol and the Induction Chamber on prior turns.

(3 cards) Pitch X –> Boost an Attack –> Pistol shot –> Induction chamber –> Spark of Genius —> Teklo Core –> Arsenal.  This sets us up for a 5 card turn (effective 6 with the core powering us up 2 pitch points). We want to defend as little as possible and launch an all out 2 turn assault following this.


High Octane –> Boost an Attack –> Tome of Fendyl MADNESS. If we can run into this combo with a Teklo Core in play, things really get crazy. Everytime you successfully Boost an attack, you will gain 2 action points. This can be used to fire the pistol AND attack again (hopefully boosting). It means that every spare Pitch you have becomes 2 damage. Because of this we have prioritised Zero to Sixty as a 9 copy card, to try and get as many attacks here as possible. It’s also worth noting that Snatch will probably connect here, allowing you to draw and continue the attack madness!

2 Maximum Velocities have been included in this deck. There is opportunity for these to go off during a random combo turn, however they have been included to try and secure the end game. You will notice that our blue cards that we want to pitch are ALL Attack Actions with Boost. The idea is that we can get a maximum velocity to the bottom and then play it as a final Hoo-rah if we haven’t won the game by then.

2 Remembrance are included to allow us to refill some of the aggressive action cards which we use or put Teklo Cores back in the deck to be re-used. There is a high chance we hit fatigue faster than our opponents. This will allow us to bring back some strong turns for a final push with the weapon.

Building on a Budget!

For a slightly cheaper version, we can take out the Art of War’s and the Tome of Fendyl and focus on the Teklo Pistol a little bit more. One way we can do this is by adding in 3 BLUE Back Alley Breakline and 3 YELLOW Back Alley Breakline. This allows our Teklo Foundy Heart to trigger Action Points instead of pitch points. That means everytime we boost, we can use the Heart to try and sneak +1 Action Point, which we can translate into +2 damage with the Teklo Pistol. Because we have increased the overall pitch value of the deck, it also allows us to fire the Teklo Pistol more frequently and get more use out of Induction Chamber.


To drop the price again, we can take the High Voltages out, and add in 1 more induction chamber and 2 Blue Snatches. The idea is to focus again increase our number of pistol shots. We do this by increasing our higher pitch cards, as well as allowing ourselves to get a 2nd Induction Chamber in play. This lets us shoot 3 times for 5 pitch points. With a Teklo Core out, we can pitch 3, shoot 3 pistol shots and finish with a Snatch or Zero to Sixty, giving us a 10 damage 2 card turn! That’s HUGE! Especially if we get the Snatch draw 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my first take on how to play the new Mechanologist hero Dash! I’d love to hear your feedback on how you found the deck, or ways in which you have built Dash. I can see a very heavily Pistol focused version being strong as well. However to begin with, I like the idea of BIG turns where we play lots of cards 🙂

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