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Cognition Noodle: Early Thoughts on Dash in Limited

Dash is part of the Mechanologist hero class. From what we have seen in the ARC spoilers so far, the class utilises a combination of items and a new mechanic Boost. Dash does physical damage – and the Boost mechanic allows the attack actions to Go Again if they banish a Mechanologist class card. This may be harder to accomplish in the Limited format. The ratings below are based on average pulls. If you have a particularly high number of strong items, then item activating actions go up in value. 


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In this article I will be evaluating the currently released Mechanologist cards and scoring them out of five based on how well I think they will perform in limited, primarily sealed. The ratings are loosely based on the following:

5.0: The best card available to the class.
4.5: A powerful card worth playing the class for.
4.0: A good high rarity card.
3.5: Top-tier rare or common cards.
3.0: Good cards that will almost always be playable.
2.5: Solid cards that rarely get cut.
2.0: Good filler cards.
1.5: Filler cards
1.0: Bad Cards
0.0: Unplayables



Rating 2.0

Assuming you pull 1 good item (Induction Chamber, Teklo Core or Cognition Noodle) – I think Dash’s hero power is quite strong. It can lead to an early advantage in the limited format that can quickly translate into tempo – and an earlier lethal range.  The best item is probably Induction Chamber which is a super rare.

High Octane

Rating 4.5

This card is absolute GAS. The first thing it does is replace itself, a good start. Secondly it allows any card you Boost to effectively Go Again whether or not it banishes a Mechanologist card. This will allow you to go off for a big combo turn without needing 30 Mechanologist cards in your deck. Should you manage to banish Mech cards, the Teklo Plasma Pistol will happily gobble all the spare points for 2 damage per pitch!

Teklo Core

Rating 3.0

This card is highly playable because you can pull it out with Dash to begin the game with. Outside of that, it essentially generates 4 pitch points for the price of 1 action. It can be used to attempt to set up an OTK turn, but it will take careful deck management. If you have ways to generate actions, or pull this out of the deck without having to use an action point – it’s value goes up significantly.

Maximum Velocity

Rating 1.0

The card is super hard to pull off in Limited. The only realistic way of getting this off is by pitching a set of Boost attacks, followed by this. If you can effectively execute this game plan – it will likely win you the game. It just depends if you have enough defence to get through the deck once, whilst making sure you can pitch enough attacks in the right order.

Spark of Genius

Rating 2.0

If you only have 1 good item in your deck, Dash will pull it out first. If you have a second, you may be able to play this. Combo cards are generally harder to get value out of in Limited – at least it blocks for 3.

Induction Chamber

Rating 5.0

This card is nuts in Limited. It allows your weapon to essentially pitch 3 to hit for two seperate instances of 2. Kodachi on steroids. That is 5 turns to kill an opponent, or 4 to kill Kano. It also will get 2 cards from hand for them to stop the 4 damage which is great value.

Pedal to the Metal

Rating 2.5

Dominate is a nice mechanic, however unless you have a large number of Mechanologist cards, it is hard to guarantee you will get the effect off of this card. Boost will allow you to gamble for big turns, which can win games in Limited. It will also lose you games via fatigue. 

Pour the Mold

Rating 0.5

If the item is good enough to Pour the Mold it is good enough to waste an action point on. In Limited – our cards need to serve a pretty specific purpose. This essentially forces us to hold a 3 card (2 items + Pour the Mold) or 4 (Attack Action, Pitch, Pour the Mold + item) to see any value. I can’t see this ever happening in Limited. We would much rather block and play the item (if it’s good) or just swing.

Aether Sink

Rating 3.5 / 0.5

The card is an auto include vs Wizard and maybe Runeblade. Exclude it vs Mechanologist/Ranger. Easy decision.

Cognition Noodle

Rating 3.5

This card guarantees you win the fatigue race. Like Drone of Brutality it puts your opponent on the clock. You should be able to build a deck around this, perhaps hiding it (not getting it with Dash) will keep your opponent guessing as to how conservative they have to play.

Over Loop

Rating 3.0

A great attack that helps you from running out of cards. If you start boosting your deck size will be very relevant, so any cards that help with that will be good.


Rating 2.5

If you can hit a certain number of Mechanologist cards, all of the attack actions become much more relevant. Big turns in Limited are very valuable, and Dash can execute them with a small amount of luck.

Dissipation Shield


The action point cost is too high in Limited. A generic 3 block/3 pitch will be better than this.

Hyper Driver

Rating 1.5

Pitch is rarely a limiting factor in a big turn for Limited. Unfortunately with items having 0 block value, currently they have to be very good to be included. We don’t have the luxury of setting big combo turns like we do in constructed.

Optekal Monocle

Rating 2.5

Opt 1 is relevant with Boost. An average Limited pool includes 14 class specific cards, this will mean Opt 1 should bring our Boost % up to around 70%. This is very relevant because keeping a hand and failing a boost will put you quite far behind.




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