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Playing at the Highest Level

A Gene Brumby Story

Over the last 20 years, I have played a few tournaments at the top level, and there is always something new to learn:

  • Whether it is at your first big tournament overseas that you travel to, and you are learning to deal with the butterflies and the excitement of meeting famous people that you have only read about on the internet;
  • Or at World Champs, having to learn to speak German well enough to find your hotel and make it to the venue;
  • Or it is your 100 and something-th 10K event, and you are confident that you know the match ups and Sasha is making a tempestuous pasta dish al dente;

There is always something interesting, or a concept you have not thought about before.

This is why it is good to enter tournaments at the highest level that you can.

Win a Case or die trying

Bit of a stretch to expect win the Metrix Daily “win a case” tournament.

But like lotto, you got to be in it to win it.

The fan page sent a lot of love my way. Thanks for the confidence boost guys.

Thanks to Metrix Daily, being so awesome. I was able to get decklists from the win-a-case tournament.

Sasha’s build was a bit more streamlined than mine.

After giving the deck a bit of a spin last night, against a few mates who were keen for games I felt reasonably confident running Sasha’s brew of the most hated-on hero coming from Welcome to Rathe: Rhinar

Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

Here is the list I played:

Rhinar, Reckless Rampage


  • 1 Romping Club
  • 1 Arcanite Skullcap
  • 1 Fyendal’s Spring Tunic
  • 1 Goliath Gauntlet
  • 1 Nullrune Gloves
  • 1 Scabskin Leathers


  • 3 Sink Below
  • 3 Fate Foreseen
  • 3 Barraging Beatdown
  • 3 Alpha Rampage
  • 3 Breakneck Battery
  • 3 Savage Feast
  • 3 Pack Hunt
  • 3 Command and Conquer
  • 1 Drone of Brutality
  • 3 Smash Instinct


  • 3 Bloodrush Bellow
  • 3 Art of War
  • 3 Springboard Somersault
  • 1 Remembrance
  • 3 Wrecker Romp
  • 3 Smash Instinct
  • 3 Savage Swing
  • 3 Raging Onslaught
  • 3 Barraging Brawnhide
  • 3 Wounded Bull
  • 3 Barraging Beatdown


  • 3 Sand Sketched Plan
  • 3 Energy Potion
  • 3 Reckless Swing
  • 3 Barraging Beatdown
  • 3 Wrecker Romp

It is strange times indeed, when you cannot meet up with your friends and play card games. Messenger video call is by far the best way to play at this time (Adult beverages optional.)

Got to sleep early enough. With daylight savings on my side, I was lucky to wake up, register and have enough time to submit my deck list.

Today is gonna be a fun day.

I post the Sasha meme pic in the discord where all the players are loitering, waiting for it all to begin.

34 Players. Nice, should be an exciting day.

Round 1

Sasha Victory – Brute(updated)

I get off to a good start, and maintain a noticeable advantage for most of the game.

Somewhere in the late game, end of the turn I draw 4 cards… 3 energy potions.
Took a beating for 8, and rolled for leathers to try to use up 2 of the potions.
Roll a 1.
Sasha hits me for 10.
Good game.
An honour to play against the GOAT.

After Round 1: 0 wins 1 loss

Between rounds 1 and 2, there is a delay of about 30 minutes.
To be expected with the logistics.
New Software;

  • Steam
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • Discord

All of these are new to me, and several of the other players in the event.

Pairings up.
Every round was a different kind of pairings.
Sometimes a pdf, sometimes a link, sometimes a download.
Possibly there is an option for pairings to be made available on a website (similar to Channel Fireball events).

[Editor’s Note: this is a great suggestion, and something we are working on with LSS to get working]

Round 2

I was paired against an Australian guy that I didn’t know playing Katsu.

He had recently played in the round that went way over time, including a 15 minute judge call.

Between this and his previous opponent who had said and done things that had messed up his day, he was a bit down.

I’m not phased by this. I’m confident I can have a laugh and have a good game with this fellow… And hopefully brighten up his day.

I was lucky to have a good, fun game and have a bit of a laugh during it.

I was victorious, but I feel like we both won. Cause he came into the match, distraught and wanting to drop.

And he left the match smiling and laughing.

After Round 2: 1 win 1 loss

Logan sent me a pm saying thanks for improving his day.

Goes to show, not everyone can be a great opponent all the time.
Do your best, to at least be a nice person. Even if your opponent loses, they don’t have to walk away sad and angry.
Be kind to each other. This is “Our Community.”

The delays between rounds wane. We get standings and pairings pretty swiftly at the end of the 80 minute period.

Round 3

Paired against another Wellingtonian that I’ve not met before, playing Kano

An interesting take on the magician, sporting; nimbilism, nimble strike, push the point, snatch, scar and razor reflex.

Lucky to come out on top, as the hits just kept on coming.

After Round 3: 2 wins 1 loss

Round 4

Pairings go up around when expected.

I’m paired against another Calling Champion Isaac Olssen playing Dash.

Gotta Go Fast!

And Isaac did.

Thanks to Cadaverous Contraband, He was running on High Octane every turn.
Of which, there were not many.
Good game Isaac!

After Round 4: 2 wins 2 losses

Round 5

At this point chances of top 8 are all but gone.

Before we begin, my opponent Nic Andisen reveals Dash. I respond “Gotta Go Fast.” He reminisces about how it is sad there is only 5 rounds and 3 2s cannot make it.

I did not feel as strongly about this, but I can understand how someone who had put in work, and won most of their rounds might want for another round with such a big field.

I was just stoked to be playing cards after 18 days of self isolation.

It was painful, that the tournament I had traveled to the states for was cancelled 2 days before the event. But sometimes no one is in control of what happens.

When I get back to NZ, I will get to have 14 days of mandatory self isolation.
Miss out on Pre Release for Arcance Rising and the ADEPT Events Road to Nationals.

Shout out to Mani at ADEPT Events for adding +25% value to this event for everyone who entered. Cheers Bro!

5 days in, Jacinda annouces the country is going into a 4 week “Level 4” Lockdown. Oh well, guess I’m getting at least another 3 weeks.

Nic destroys me in a game that I wish I could tell a story of it being close.
My starting 4 was ok, but with more action points, could be impactful. I roll for Leathers. Roll a 1 and arsenal a card.

He really did seem to embrace the Dash way. And did indeed, Go fast!

Good game Nic.

After Round 5: 2 wins 3 losses

Best of luck to all in the future.

Huge shout-out to Matt Rogers at Card Merchant. For hosting these Tabletop Simulator events and still running the best game store in NZ. Not close!

A big shout out to Logan Bolam (who most certainly got up earlier than the rest of us.) Not only for hosting this event, but also for running these FABulous websites like Metrix Daily.

Just remember, when you think you know it all… there is always someone on the development team who has been playing with these cards for years.


Gene Brumby – 3831

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