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Preparing for the Prerelease

by Karol Ruszkiewicz

Arcane Rising prerelease is almost upon us. The spoilers have us on the edge of our seats every day. First hero.. Wizard… wow! Then Mechnologist and Ranger.. and most recently the Runeblade!

But… how does it all fit in sealed? How can you get ahead in a format that no-one has played yet? I will outline some of the things to keep in mind while constructing your killer sealed deck.

Generic cards are the backbone of your sealed pool

In Welcome to Rathe, we saw a clear focus on the cost of cards, as in the examples below:

The amount of generics of each, were a good guide on how to construct a sealed deck. As a rule of thumb, many low cost cards synergised together. The same goes for high cost cards. Then, it’s a matter of choosing the most fitting class for your generics to create a powerful deck.
Why? Because your generics will make up roughly over half of your whole deck.

In Arcane Rising, we see more emphasis on the pitch value of the cards, rather than the cost.

Be mindful of what “low pitch pay off” cards really cost.

With these cards, there is an incentive to maximise the amount of red pitch cards in your deck. More reds, higher chance of hitting those from the top and getting some sweet value. However, too many reds can lead to some pretty awkward turns if you cannot play anything. This isn’t the only punishment for having low pitch cards in Arcane Rising – we also have arcane damage.  

Side in lots of blue pitch vs arcane damage.

With the release of Runeblade, we see a significant amount of arcane damage in the format. With arcane damage, your pitch is your defence! It is crucial to note, that if your deck is low pitch count vs arcane damage, you will burn through cards quickly to defend yourself. Make sure your blue count is high for defensive purposes. Also note, the defence stat is less important vs heavy arcane damage decks than physical damage decks, so it’s less of a detriment if it has only 0-2 defence.

Opt Mechanic

We have seen how well this mechanic interacts with most heroes released so far. Wizard for setting up sick spell combos, Dash with her boosting and Azalea with the arrow control. It is also very powerful with the low pitch pay off cards. Cards with Opt will be the glue that holds your deck together and smooths out your turns.

Hopefully this will give you some insight and things to keep in mind when doing deck construction. If you have any further insights please share these in the comments!

This is a very basic introduction. If you would like to see a more in-depth look at each class in sealed, let us know on our Metrix Daily Facebook page and we will write something up for each class.

Good luck and enjoy the prerelease!

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